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Digital Support Technician (Old Standard)

Apprenticeship Overview     

A level 3 apprenticeship, for individuals who will be typically working in large and small organisations, in all sectors, and within public, private and voluntary organisations.    

Their primary role will be to maximise the effective use of digital office technologies, productivity software, digital communications, including collaborative technologies, and digital information systems to achieve objectives. 

They will typically be supporting their service users though online and digital channels, interacting with a wide variety of internal or external users of digital systems, through digital channels, by phone and/or face to face to help organisations meet customer needs. 

Digital Support Technician will select one of the following two apprenticeship options: 

  • Digital Applications Technician helps their organisation and its internal users to maximise the use of digital technologies and adapt to and exploit changes in technology to meet organisation objectives and maximise productivity ensure effective use of digital office technologies, productivity software, digital communications, including collaborative technologies, and digital information systems to achieve objectives 

  • Digital Service Technician supports the external customers and clients of their organisation though a wide variety of digital channels, to help them access and receive services, to coach and support them in their use of the digital systems; to support them to complete and submit information remotely and to diagnose and resolve their problems in relation to their access to and use of the digital technologies.  


Typical duration to gateway (i.e. excluding EPA period): 15 months    

Maximum funding: £13000  

Entry Criteria  

Individual employers will set the selection criteria including relevant qualifications and experience. The apprentice is likely to be required to demonstrate an aptitude for functional maths and competence in written and spoken English. 

EPA Gateway    

There are no mandated knowledge modules for this Apprenticeship Standard.  

Although you may want to utilise professional vendor certification that has been mapped to the knowledge components listed in the Apprenticeship Standard, you will not be able to use apprenticeship funding to pay for the certification.     

All Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours will be assessed in the End-point Assessment by reviewing the evidence submitted in the Portfolio, Case Study Presentation and Interview and the Knowledge Unit tests.  


A selection of the best pieces of evidence gathered by an Apprentice during their apprenticeship. The projects should demonstrate how an Apprentice has carried out specific work tasks mapped to the knowledge, skills and behaviours listed in the Digital Support Technician Apprenticeship Assessment Plan for Assessment Method 2 the Case Study Presentation and Interview.

Assessment Method 1 - Knowledge Unit Tests

Comprised of 2 multiple choice knowledge tests – one on the core knowledge and one on the specialist knowledge. Each Test is based on multiple-choice questions designed to assess underpinning knowledge and understanding. Both must be passed to pass Assessment Method 1, the grades available for each test are limited to pass or fail.

Assessment Method 2 - Case Study Presentation and Interview

A Case Study Presentation and Interview– comprised of two parts: a Case Study giving the apprentice the opportunity to present a real-life Case Study that they have undertaken in the workplace. This is followed a by a structured interview with an Independent Assessor - assessing the knowledge, skills and behaviours demonstrated in the Case Study Presentation as well as drawing on those demonstrated in
their portfolio. The grades available for Assessment Method 2 are fail, pass, merit and distinction.


Apprentices must pass both Apprenticeship Assessment methods (1 & 2) which can be taken in any order to successfully complete their apprenticeship. Apprentices can be awarded a fail, pass, merit or distinction and will receive this grade 5 working days after completing their interview.

Working with Employer’s and Training Provider’s we have created realistic and flexible work-related assessments.   

These allow the Digital Support Technicians apprentices to utilise the real-work skills and knowledge and designed to support the demonstration the key Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours assessed during the End-point Assessment.   

Register your organisation and apprentices with us to access our EPA preparation materials. 

Link to Apprenticeship Standard & Assessment Plan

Link to qualification specification

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