Accelerate People is a Registered Apprenticeship Assessment Organisation (EPO 0475)  that specialises in carrying out End-point Assessment for Digital IT Apprenticeship Standards.

Our sole focus is on providing Digital IT End-point Assessments that are a true match for the growing expectations of employers, providers and apprentices.

End-point Assessment – An explanation

In the last few months of an apprenticeship, it’s time for an apprentice to focus on their End-point Assessment.

Once they have completed all of the outcomes set out within their Apprenticeship Standard, an apprentice’s evidence will be uploaded through the Gateway to the selected End-point Assessment Organisation, typically this is done by a training provider.

The training provider and employer both have a shared responsibility to decide if an apprentice has demonstrated the knowledge, skills and behaviours required to be competent in their job role and if they are ready for their EPA.

It is an apprentice’s employer, who has the final say on whether they feel they display occupational competence and are ready to complete their EPA.

The EPA has four assessment methods and we believe the EPA is an opportunity for an apprentice to showcase the skills, knowledge and behavioural attributes that they have developed during their apprenticeship.

A selection of an apprentices best pieces of evidence gathered during their apprenticeship, demonstrating how they have carried out real-work tasks mapped to the Apprenticeship Standard.
A formal piece of evidence produced from the employer's perspective on how an apprentice has performed in applying their knowledge, skills and behaviours during real-work tasks, ideally linked to evidence submitted within the portfolio. Both the Summative Portfolio & Employer Reference must be submitted before the Synoptic Project can be taken.
Is a project task, which ensures an apprentice can independently and competently complete tasks associated with their Apprenticeship Standard. It should take place away from their normal place of work in a controlled environment. The interview cannot take place until this has been completed.
After all the other evidence has been submitted, the interview is conducted by an Independent Assessor and used to validate all the submitted evidence against the outcomes listed in the Apprenticeship Standard. Apprentices will need a quiet area for the duration of the interview, and access to a web cam, an internet connection and be able to show photo ID. This professional discussion lasts for approximately 1hr.
Apprentices can be awarded a fail, pass, merit or distinction and will receive this grade 5 working days after completing their interview.

Our Current Products

We create End-point Assessments for Digital IT Standards on request, our assessments are based on Employer and Training Provider feedback for more realistic work-related tasks.

Revised Products June 2021

More information

For further information, please have a look at our policies. These include information on Safeguarding, Prevent and reasonable adjustments for End-point Assessment.